Trail Daze

Trail Daze

Celebrating some of the finest MTB trails in South Africa

About this project

There's something truly special about riding unknown trails and new terrain. Whether you've traveled across the globe to get there, or it's a local trail that you've overlooked or not had the chance to ride yet, it's that feeling that reminds us why we do this. The uncertainty of how long this climb actually is, or what lies around the next bend, keeps you fully focused in that moment, and removed from the rest of the world.

With daily access to incredible media and stories portraying the world's best riders in the world's best locations, we often forget what adventures might be waiting for us just around the corner. It's all too easy to sit in front of your screen, soaking up someone else's experience and wishing you lived near better trails, with bigger mountains and better weather. Hopefully this photo series will inspire you to step outside, get on your bike and explore more.

Where to view this

With this project now in its 3rd year, we've racked up quite a few episodes, all written exclusively for BikeHub. Be sure to visit their website and search for 'Trail Daze' in the search box or simply follow this link to get started. Trail destinations include the greater Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and the North West Province.

Coffee Table Photobook

Print is not dead!

About the photobook

The Trail Daze photobook is the perfect addition to your coffee table, at home or work, or a great gift for any mountain biking enthusiast. It documents some of the finest MTB trails in South Africa in full colour, with a soft-touch lamination front and back cover for protection against those greasy fingers.

Volume 1 | 60 pages covering trails in the Western Cape only | R300
Volume 2 | 72 pages covering trails in the Western Cape, KZN and North West | Xmas special!! - R150

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